Cannabis Facts

Cannabis Facts

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I introduce to you the first of many Cannabis Facts!. Now before any hate or anger starts to brew up due to the inability to believe, understand, or accept these quick facts I assure you I have done my research. I have looked for research done, evidence, and I even debate it with people to make sure I have a well informed and balanced piece of information for you. There’s a lot of crappy stigmas and lies still circulating today that people full-heartedly believe without argument or research. Read, Laugh, and do the research if you must.


2 thoughts on “Cannabis Facts

  1. Ahoy. Love the blog! Although I felt the need to chime in here. The word overdose is a little iffy because although it may take that relative quantity to achieve what would be considered the LD50, you can technically still overdose on cannabis. It’s pretty hard to do so via the inhalation route, but let’s say you make a batch of potent cookies (filled with cannabutter and at least 5 grams of good hash) and you get so stoned that you keep eating them unaware that you are about to overdose? I was silly enough to do this one time. I woke up a day later unable to move my fingers feeling so gone…and pretty scared and horrible. The psychedelic effects were overbearing and I was swirling around in a super bright neon meltdown. I was out of whack for over a week and had to spend like three days just sleeping it off. My boss was pissed!

    So I learned my lesson that time: When making a potent batch of edibles, ALWAYS make a decoy NON medicated batch for the munchies that will ensue! As you can see, you can OD on cannabis. Was my life in any danger? I highly doubt it. Such a high dose probably cleansed my existence of lot of bad stuff while I was practically comatose from the effects.

  2. Wow. That was an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it. I changed the wording in the comic from “consume” to “inhale” for that’s a better word to reflect the message and I appreciate your balanced opinion on the subject matter. It’s nice to see the experience didn’t completely hinder your feelings on Mary Jane.

    Peace, Love and Pot.

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